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our mum took this shot

it is the cumulative expression of twenty-two years of sisterhood


We are attractive.

Back when I used to get along with my mother lol. Relax people, I’m kidding.

Myself and QiaoQiao shoot.

Back to hand-washing clothes lol.

Daddy and I

Wearing my mother’s favorite dress from her younger days. Aba, Nigeria. 2012.

It wasn’t  a super extraordinary day, it was nice and simple. I spent part of it with my father and a great friend. We couldn’t get fancy candles, but the regular ones worked just fine lol. It is the first birthday I’ve had in years where I didn’t end up sad and crying at some point. I’m laughing in this picture.

Birthday aside: My mosquito protection gear + a little dance to ward them off.

Getting my hair done.

I had to take their picture at AMFW. I think they are gorgeous.

Good-morning folks! It feels like a good day today! SO give a bigggggg smile to people today, giggle a few times to yourself, and buy yourself a ridiculously yummy treat to nibble on before the day ends! *prances away tossing flowers in air*

I love working with Kata. Skin color is never a barrier for her make-up skills.  A big deal when you live in New Mexico (3% black population lol). Here for other pictures.

Will be getting my yarn braids back real soon! The scar on my leg is slowly blending in at last!

Combing out my hair in Aba, Nigeria - Yagazie

The struggle of an Igbo-Tamil girl. Can drape a sari….can’t tie a proper head-tie lol.