Yagazie Emezi


Cultural Anthropologist & Africanist

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Chelsea Bravo Spring/Summer 2014:

Dysfunction‘ is a collection inspired by dysfunctional emotion, geometric architecture and traditional African dress that represents the designer’s skill and aesthetic. In celebration of the African theme that runs throughout the collection, predominately natural fabrics such as linens and cottons in hues of beige, cream, grey and white, as well as metallic coated cotton and reflective techno accents which Chelsea says “bring modernity and freshness to the collection”.

"Born in Brooklyn, New York and moving to London with her parents at two years old, Chelsea has known since the age of 8 that she wanted to work in the Fashion Industry. Studying Art and Design at college lead her to go on to study Fashion Design at UCA Rochester. Graduating from UCA in 2010, her graduate collection ‘Soft Armour’ was selected to showcase at the nationally known Graduate Fashion Week in Earls Court London. Upon graduating Chelsea went on to intern with menswear designers and NewGen winners Christopher Shannon and Martine Rose before starting her menswear label Chelsea Bravo.”

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