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Yesterday was the best Christmas I’ve had in years. With all the crap I’ve had to deal with this year (depression, joblessness, homelessness), I needed this. Sure, this is just a pause from the real world before I go back to sleepless nights and panic attacks, but it was amazing to just ignore everything negative. We opened presents, made a gingerbread house, cooked a Christmas meal and went to the movies. We were able to point out what we needed most at this time, and chose each other. How was YOUR Christmas??

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    Omg they are too cute, I wouldn’t mind a relationship just as adorable
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    Seriously Adorbs. Ya I said Adorbs
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  12. sepia6 said: Dearest I was so touched and happy to read your holiday post. I know of the struggles you mentioned (erratic employment, eviction stress, panic, etc) but am thankful to have community, like you. Enjoy you loved ones…and the full moon: abundance!
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