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Eritrean Survivors of Torture Camps in the Sinai

1. The child of an Eritrean survivor of a torture camp in the Sinai photographed at the Eritrean Womens Center in south Tel Aviv, an organization that helps female survivors of the torture camps after they arrive in Israel.

2. An Eritrean survivor of torture camps in the Sinai sleeps at a safe house in the Ard Lewar neighborhood of Giza.

3. Mikele, an Eritrean survivor of torture camps in the Sinai. He poses for a photograph at a safe house in Cairo, displaying multiple torture marks on his back.

4. Seble, a 24 year old Eritrean woman that survived the torture in the Sinai, and now lives at a shelter in south Tel Aviv.

5. Mikele, an Eritrean survivor of torture camps in the Sinai. He poses for a photograph at a safe house in Cairo, covering his face with a cross to hide his identity, and displaying multiple torture marks on his upper body.

6. Beserate, an 18 year old Eritrean immigrant recently released from a torture camp in the Sinai, recovers from a skin transplantation surgery necessary to treat a severe infection on her ankle, caused by the shackles that were chained to her ankle during her time at the torture camp.

7. An Eritrean survivor of the Sinai torture camps living in a cramped apartment in the Ard Lewar neighborhood of Giza.

8.  Filmon, 28, an Eritrean immigrant, lost portions of both hands at a torture camp in the Sinai. He now lives at a state-run shelter in Israel.

9. Weini, 25, is an Eritrean immigrant that survived the torture camps in the Sinai. She now lives at a shelter in south Tel Aviv.

10. Hagos, 23, is an Eritrean survivor of the torture camps in the Sinai. He is now living in a state-run shelter in Israel.

By Moises Saman.

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In this week’s issue, Jon Lee Anderson writes about the Cuban novelist Leonardo Padura, and about Cuba’s complex, troubled history with its writers and artists: http://nyr.kr/H60BLC

A look at Rena Effendi’s photographs of Havana, where we see a city almost frozen in time: http://nyr.kr/16lnssC

Top: A family inside of an old wooden house in San Francisco de Paula, an outlying suburb of Havana, where Hemingway used to live.

Bottom-Left: A couple dancing salsa on their doorstep, in San Francisco de Paula.

Bottom-Right: A man loads produce for the state-owned fresh-food market in Regla.

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When I loved myself enough, I began leaving whatever wasn’t healthy. This meant people, jobs, my own beliefs and habits - anything that kept me small.
My judgement called it disloyal. Now I see it as self-loving.
Kim McMillen

I’m really unsure if this is incredibly impressive, incredibly creepy, or both.

Probably both.

This is horribly sad.

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Albuquerque Kings Wheelchair Basketball Team is raising money for their teammate who’s wheelchair was stolen recently. Show your support.

Earlier this week ( Oct. 18 2013 ) one of our teammate’s Dominique D” Rogers unfortunately had his everyday wheelchair that was built specifically for him stolen from Southeast Albuquerque. We can’t imagine who would do something so terrible. Without it he has no way to get around independently. The wheelchair is essentially his legs. We have decided to raise money to help cover the cost of a new chair. Anything helps!

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Two Brown Girls - Episode 35

On this episode of the 2BG podcast, we return from our brief hiatus to catch up on some of the pop culture things we’ve missed, including Kanye on Kimmel, the melodrama of Scandal, and Miley (WHO WE WILL NEVER TALK ABOUT AGAIN).

We’re also joined by blogger/artist/curator/youtuber/poet/African conservationist and all around Renaissance woman Yagazie Emezi for a frank conversation on identity and body issues amongst WOC (trigger warning for discussion on ED starting around 35). As always send us a tweet or a message with your comments and questions! 

Happy Sunday!

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My day yesterday. I got invited out to the Jemez Mountains natural warm springs by an old co-worker and his cousin. Hadn’t seen him in close to 3 years, so it was a bit of a random invite. But I remember us always getting along at work. Embracing my latest vow to be more social, I agreed to go on the hike. And I’m glad I did. They were both a lot of fun. As in, honest fun; the kind of fun you had as a kid when you would just play and not realize what a great day you had until you’re being tucked into bed. The hike was beautiful. We stopped several times just to take in the view and occasionally have our echoes bounce back at us. We met more people at the springs where we swapped stories and just …. stared at everything. I haven’t witnessed nature that beautiful in years. We watched the sun slowly descend behind the mountain before hiking back down. - Yagazie

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My attempt at a hair tutorial.

 Adonis Bosso by Dana Scruggsfor Playhaus magazine

i hope you wake up every morning fully aware that you are an absolute queen!
yagazieemezi yagazieemezi Said:

Hahahah yessss! I do try! Thank you for this!


I was extremely nervous about putting out this video. I’ve written about my bulimia before, but I’ve never actually talked about it, even to myself so excuse me if it seems like I’m all over the place in this. Like I mention in the video, all that I say is coming from my personal experience and the way I view the matter.It doesn’t make me an authority on the subject.

Growing up in Nigeria and having body image issues, the only time I would see or hear about such were in movies and the people going through it were always white. I never felt that I could talk about it to anyone because I had never been around or heard of anyone who was black or even of color that talked about it. As a result, I felt quite alone. But now an adult and having left the mindset/fear that to discuss such was ‘taboo’, or even a sign of weakness, I’ve come across other WoC who have experienced the same and I made this video to encourage others to seek help and if they feel like it, to talk about it as well. I’m not saying that all are alone, but there are some who feel like they are and I hope they see this. - Yagazie

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I’m going to need more than my fingers for my friend’s hair. - Yagazie




I am an amused fairy princess




I am an amused fairy princess

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Tailored Bliss 

– I am absolutely in love with this feature of Gui Costa for Malaysian fashion magazine Glam Lelaki.

Photographed by Chuanlooi and styled by Azreezal Hafidz. Can we all appreciate the make-up, outfits and the man?

I couldn’t keep on watching the Walking Dead because of my anxiety so I switched to Grease.

Watching it fully for the first time and class, may we please discuss:

- These old ass people claiming high-school student-ship

- Travolta looking like he could get it slapbangwammy all over the place

- My new fashion aspirations?