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Mali, West Africa
by Ferdinand Reus

Mali, West Africa


A la piscine, Kinshasa Congo, 1967

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Harlem Glam 

French Revue de Modes celebrates Harlem-influenced, seventies glamour with its “125th Street” feature from its fall/winter 2013-2014 edition. Models Nykhor Paul and Flaviana Matata star in the spread lensed on location in New York by Thierry Le Goues


With my cartoons, I draw directly from my personal life. From battling with boyfriends over having my hair in their faces, to being the creepy big spoon and watching them sleep, to the single life struggle of loneliness and horniness, I simply apply my pen to paper to share with others what I thought at first were my experiences alone. I’m just happy that some of my little life facts are relatable to others. - Yagazie

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Gosh you are beautiful, you appear to live life effortlessly and it shows in your smile (^-^)
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=) aww shucks, thank you!

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Weeks ago, Amanda Brooke Perrin and I talked to the fantastic Zeba Blay about everything from race representation in pop culture to the Spice Girls. Then we got caught in the rain.

Watch it, and pass it around! Also, make sure to listen to her podcast with past guest, Fariha. Those two do good work.

Zeba’s sit down with the lovely ladies of Women at Work! If you want to see Fariha’s interview check it out here

I remember a conversation I had with my father some time ago. He was updating me on his life with the usual stories of how badly the hospital was doing, the failings of the government and the endless, suffocating poverty around him.

Feeling helpless and in an attempt to cheer him up, I said, “I know this might not help, but you’ve LIVED! You had so many adventures when you were young; you travelled and explored and got to see so much. Imagine life having not experienced any of that. Daddy, think of all the fun you had!”

My father gave a short chuckle and reply with a lugubrious tone barely hidden underneath his voice, “Ah but Franca, all the fun I had … I didn’t know I was having them.”

How could one have had such an extraordinary life filled with wild stories and adventures, but … not realize how amazing it all was while it was happening? 

Since childhood, I have craved adventures to match the ones I read in the books. I’ve always wanted to get lost, solve a mystery, explore the unknown, but as I got older I got more agitated over the thought of never finding my adventure.

But ever since that conversation with my father, the fog around my eyes cleared up and I now realize what a fantastic adventure I have already been living. From my travels, to my loves, to my triumphs and dark downfalls; I have gotten lost, solved mysteries and explored the unknown. And there is so much more to experience. I could never use the word ‘regular’ to define my life so far. I am now aware of each step I take and how utterly thrilling it all is.

So cheers. Cheers to this bloody stunning life of mine and the future adventures that it holds. - Yagazie

Went shopping today in thrift stores and was pleased with my results. - Yagazie 

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tey (aujourd’hui) - alain gomis, 2012

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New Urban Army:

Zimbabwe-born model Nyasha Matonhodze for SCMP Style MagazinePhotographedby Carter Bowman and styled by Simone Konu