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Three variations of gauges; the elements of size, structure and material is variable. 

Wood as a term of beauty. 



Surma People, also known as the Suriis a pastoral people live in the southwestern plains of Ethiopia.  They Speak the  Nilo- Saharan language  in the Benchi Maji Zone of the Southern Ethiopia, to the Sudan border and across the border in Sudan.

Cattle are important to the Suri, as it is a status. In order for a man to marry women in Surma (Suri ) tribe, he must own at least 60 cattle. Like the other Omo Valley tribes and Massia, the Surma will use the milk and blood from the cow. During the dry season, the people will drink blood instead of milk.  Some Suri drink the fresh blood of their cattle during the Blood meal ritual. It consists in making a small incision in the cow’s carotid artery with a special sharp arrow in order ro make it bleed almost two liters of its blood. The warrior has to drink the entire content in one go as blood coagulates quickly. Sometimes warriors do not manage to drink all of the blood contained in the calabash in one mouthful, and vomit all the blood they swallowed .Surma believe the cow’s blood is full of vitamins that enable warriors to be fit. 


"Say cheese ..". Turkana girl || Scanned postcard; published by Frank Ltd, Mombasa


JP Mika, Mami Wata, 2012

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Model Daniel Ralph

More images by Rainer Torrado for his series Horizon, which he describes as 'a black and white, minimalist approach to male beauty'.


Nicolas Huchard 

By Rainer Torrado

Beat Collection

The holidays are here! And  Harry Uzoka is dressed up for it from casual to formal.

For Zara

Evelina Tshabalala

The 17th in a series of short films celebrating 21 of South Africa’s most iconic men and women, showing on SABC 3 as well as online. South African runner and mountaineer Evelina Tshabalala shares her incredible perseverance, which has seen her overcome immense challenges, including that of HIV.

Icon portraits, short films and profiles.

South African Colour Run 

The Look of Lais 

Lais Ribeiro photographed by Jurij Treskow.

Styling by Maria Viasova. Hair and makeup artist Jacques Uzzardi.

The Beauty of the Bride

The bridal edition of Grazia India puts the spotlight on wedding beauty for its first ever issue.

Photographer Taras Taraporvala 

Featuring Nidhi Sunil and Radhika Nair.

Styled by fashion editor Ekta Rajani.

Photography by François Ndolo


Central African Republic: Sectarian violence taking it’s toll

France’s U.N. ambassador called the situation in Central African Republic “horrendous.” Other human rights observers, diplomats and government officials use similar terms to describe the African country, where armed Seleka rebels from neighboring countries have engineered a near-civil war between the country’s dominant Christian population and minority Muslims. “The state has collapsed, and this country is now simply plundered, looted, the women are raped, people are killed by thugs,” French U.N. Ambassador Gerard Araud said earlier this month. U.S. State Department officials have used similar language. France and Rwanda, which has had its own history of genocide, are trying to organize intervention, but the situation is considered so volatile no one is sure how to make a definitive move.

More than 400,000 people have been displaced, and reports of child murders and grotesque violence are prompting fears that genocide may be inevitable. VII photographer Marcus Bleasdale recently documented the effect of the sectarian violence in the Central African Republic for Human Rights Watch.

(Photographs by Marcus Bleasdale/ VII)

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I also clearly have a problem pronouncing ‘orgasm’!

Finally got around to finishing the video relating to a past experience, had to tie my hair up for this one! As mentioned in the video, the overall goal is to get young African women more comfortable around the conversation of sex. And comfortable enough to discuss it among their peers and educate themselves.