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Yagazie you can’t adopt kids just for instagram pics
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s/o to my girls with dark pussies, dark clothes and dark souls

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I think it speaks to a larger story of who I am, very impractical and generally inappropriate in almost all occasions.

These are a few pieces I made last night and in addition to all the cute shit I’ve been posting on here lately will all be available for purchase so you can get fly like me

I’ll be putting up a link to buy soon xoxoxo

My twin soul

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tey (aujourd’hui) - alain gomis, 2012

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You’re the first black girl I’ve ever kissed.

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White doods who date me ugh

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I’ve had a white guy tell me that he was “pretty liberal” because of being out on a date with me. Had another white boy tell me that his friend told him to ‘be careful’ while dating me because ‘she’s from Africa and AIDS is real.” And people think I’m a jerk when I describe a lot of white males my age as ignorant assholes due to the fact that the ones I’ve come across are grossly uncultured and trapped within their tiny mindsets. The ones I do come across that don’t spew utter garbage is due to the fact that they’re well-travelled and/or have been living/exposed to a diverse environment. You would think living in America would help, but nah.

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Here are a few of my favorite photographs by Adam Branson who spent the fall of 2007 in Uganda teaching Ntenjeru Village in the Mukono District.  While there, he helped his friends at the Uganda-run non-profit organization  VOLSET on their project which provided mosquito nets to the most vulnerable of malaria victims;  pregnant women, young children, people living with HIV/AIDS, and the elderly. Half of the proceeds from print sales will be donated to them. 

View more of his work HERE.


Sand Sculptors of Durban:

"Most often spotted alongside the pier, armed only with a spade, their hands and imagination, the sand-artists spend their days creating marvellous works of art for public admiration in the hopes of a steady stream of donations as this is often their only means of survival. Passers-by sometimes offer extra money so they can be photographed with these works of art, some of which can take up to a week to complete depending on size and detail, only to be destroyed in minutes. 
So why do their creators make them? Some of these guys are homeless teenagers - sculpting often means they don’t have to go to bed on an empty stomach. For others, the money they make is used to travel to and from home, or to pay for shelter for the night.” (Source)


I remember a conversation I had with my father some time ago. He was updating me on his life with the usual stories of how badly the hospital was doing, the failings of the government and the endless, suffocating poverty around him.

Feeling helpless and in an attempt to cheer him up, I said, “I know this might not help, but you’ve LIVED! You had so many adventures when you were young; you travelled and explored and got to see so much. Imagine life having not experienced any of that. Daddy, think of all the fun you had!”

My father gave a short chuckle and reply with a lugubrious tone barely hidden underneath his voice, “Ah but Franca, all the fun I had … I didn’t know I was having them.”

How could one have had such an extraordinary life filled with wild stories and adventures, but … not realize how amazing it all was while it was happening? 

Since childhood, I have craved adventures to match the ones I read in the books. I’ve always wanted to get lost, solve a mystery, explore the unknown, but as I got older I got more agitated over the thought of never finding my adventure.

But ever since that conversation with my father, the fog around my eyes cleared up and I now realize what a fantastic adventure I have already been living. From my travels, to my loves, to my triumphs and dark downfalls; I have gotten lost, solved mysteries and explored the unknown. And there is so much more to experience. I could never use the word ‘regular’ to define my life so far. I am now aware of each step I take and how utterly thrilling it all is.

So cheers. Cheers to this bloody stunning life of mine and the future adventures that it holds. - Yagazie


in which i resemble a village girl.

After fetching water - Laurent Dupin

I am so happy to have stumbled across Hilary Sloane and her work. You can’t help but to be drawn in by her collaged gifs.

Based in Melbourne, Sloane’s work ranges from illustrations and animation, to collages and photography.

Find her: tumblr / vimeo / store

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic

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This picture of the audience’s reaction to Omarosa on Bethenny Frankel’s talk show after saying, “You [white people] get to walk around and be mediocre and still get rewarded with things.”

It is totally worth taking the time to examine each of their expressions individually.

i’m most interested in the black lady in the glasses. 

Jemez Hot Springs. Can’t wait to see what it looks like up there in winter. #nofilter #justkiddingiusedafilter #butofcourse #jemez #newmexico #oldie

My Nigerian-Malaysian activities.