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Carefree Black Girls Sh*t:

Unrehearsed lipsyncing to a Disney classic with my sister while getting ready for a night out. (sorry guys, was done on webcam so no super good quality!)

What’s your favorite Disney song?


Tim Hetherington - Inner Light: Portraits of the Blind, Sierra Leone (1999-2003)

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We cling on so tightly to the bad in our lives, but once we finally are able to release it, it’s amazing to witness all the good that comes back from that one act of letting go in the form of people and events.

We spend so long trying to hold on to the negatives (sometimes, we didn’t even know) because it is familiar, comfortable, safe….., but something happens and we move on with the only regret of not having done it sooner. - Yagazie

Twirling my way off to Christmas dinner. It’s amazing how last year’s Christmas was so different from this year’s. Last year, I spent it away from family with an old lover huddled by the fireplace. Last year I felt completely loved by one, but still very much isolated and battling a lot of darkness. Today, I was surrounded by family and although Christmas wasn’t as cosy and as intimate as last year’s, I was around that unconditional love of family that’s irreplaceable with all our quirks and awkwardness. More than anything, I’m back to a positive state of mind that I thought I had lost. My happiness even through pictures could be read by friends; one who observed, "I’m really happy for you and your family, Yaga. You’ve come a long way and I can tell that you’re in a better place."

And of course, how could I have it any other way? -Yagazie.

Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year to you all! What a crazy ass year it has been, right?!?! But honestly, we are all blessed beyond measure to have made it this far through all the highs and lows that we had to deal with.

So take today to be with friends and family and just savor everything (especially the food). The new year is coming up and what better time to set new goals for ourselves and be better in our lives?

Thank you all for all your love and support through out the year. We’re pretty much strangers and yet I always feel the good vibes and wishes! I really hope that you all have a GREAT day. ENJOY IT!

All the best,


«In the eyes of God, who is responsible for the bad education of a child is more reprehensible than a murderer». Ethiopian proverb


Meanwhile, In the Central African Republic

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When mostly Christian militias loyal to the ousted president launched an attack on the Central African Republic’s capital, Bangui, on the morning of Dec. 5, the Associated Press photographer Jerome Delay was in his hotel. Cut off from his driver because of the fighting, Mr. Delay walked and caught rides from pro-government forces instead.

Corpses were laid in front of Parliament, on the streets and inside a mosque where about 50 bodies of women and men were being prepared for burial. He found 200 more when he went to the morgue the next day.

"It was horrifying. I’m an old hand in a way, and so as terrible as it sounds, I’m used to the smell of death,” said Mr. Delay, who is 53. "But that was unbearable. Absolutely unbearable."

FJP: Don’t know much about the Central African Republic? Here’s the Guardian’s current reporting on the sectarian fighting happening in the country. Here’s the same from The New York Times. And here’s a timeline of the country’s history from the BBC

Over at the United Nations, Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson has told the Security Council that the country’s “population is enduring suffering beyond imagination.”

The French foreign minister, whose country now has troops on the ground, recently warned that the Central African Republic “is on the verge of genocide.” 

Image: A French soldier speaks with Sincere Banyodi, a suspected Christian militia member wounded by machete blows in the Kokoro neighborhood of Bangui. By Jarome Delay/AP, via The New York Times. Select to embiggen.

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It’s so nice to wake up in the morning all alone and not have to tell somebody you love them when you don’t love them any more.
Richard Brautigan

Pretty much all I ever do in a kitchen besides eat.

You would think that I could make myself more useful. - Yagazie

Addressing the woes  of womanhood. I never used to believe in PMS until…


I made this video due to the real life reactions I would get from people (mainly Nigerians) when I tell them that I do not want children.

Ball-point sketches by Amalia Bot

I love your blog. Always a joy to find fellow Igbo fruits working towards maintaining and sharing the honour of our roots. Be ever blessed, sister.
yagazieemezi yagazieemezi Said:

Blessings, me love!! Thank you!



Stromae - tous les mêmes




Soooo is he definitely bi? I need to know because attraction to him is on a high ass level and I want to know if I have a chance lol. (Just found out; he’s def into the ladies so yay me!)