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every single day motto.

Well, this is cute…

The highly anticipated video to Waje’s ‘Onye’ ft Tiwa Savage is here! Shot on the streets of Lagos, this video depicts what happens when two women unknowingly fall in love with the same man. And by fall in love, I mean the guy is cheating. I love Waje’s different adorable looks through out. Both ladies are hot and the scenes are chuckle worthy.

This shuka (traditional cloth/fabric worn by the Maasai) became my safety blanket while being sick, while driving on scary/rough roads, and while having an emotional breakdown in the mountains. One day I wore it traditionally to fetch water and the women at the community water tank had a debate over whose brother/cousin/son I should marry.😐 (at Nairobi, Kenya)

Ah. The stresses of Nigeria are starting to show on my face lol. Soooo you know that job offer that I was raving about? I turned it down lol so it’s back to plotting on my life.


Drawing on Things with Shantell Martin
Friday at 6:30pm - 8:30pm
MoCADA (80 Hanson Place)
Inspired and led by Shantell Martin, adult workshop participants will bring their own objects to adorn with elaborate, original drawings! BYO blank canvas (any white object — clothing, curtains, tote bags, shoes, lampshades, whatever!) and drawing supplies will be provided. Open bar.
Tickets are $15 and free for Friends of MoCADA.

The gorgeous Rwandan-Canadian model, Happy Umurerewa

Photographed by Collin Gaudet

Sometimes, it’s totally okay to tell your troubles to people and to ask for help. 

It’s Tuesday and I’m just getting back home from the weekend… which started last Thursday 😮 Got face-pampered by @iamdodos and styled by @bubuogisi who wrestled my hair into something new 🎊

The following project is called Shujaa Misuli which is Swahili for Muscle Warriors. It is an ingoing project showcasing outstanding sports personalities who have achieved a lot but are least recognised or are being recognised. It is self funded and personal to me.- Osborn Macharia

  1. David Kinjah: Top Kenyan cyclist and world renowned mountain bike rider. He’s responsible for training 2013 Tour De France winner Chris Froome.
  2. Humphrey Kayange: Kenya 7’s sports legend. He has been key in producing some of the best performances in the Kenya 7’s team.
  3. Andrew Amonde: Kenya 7’s rugby captain and captain of KCB ruby team. Guinness ambassador.
  4. Benson Gicharu: Kenya Lightweight boxing champion and Commonwealth Silver holder.
  5. Silalei Shani Owuor: Former Kenyan Women’s Basketball captain.

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Gateman: “Why you no give washerman make he wash am for you?”
“But I fit do am myself.”
Living with my uncle has given me certain benefits that I couldn’t get at my father’s such as electricity, internet and apparently, someone to wash my clothes. But with a lot of things in life, I say, don’t let others do for you what you can do for yourself. Still my favorite chore lol. - Yagazie Emezi

Lagos, Nigeria. 2014


I still do this. You can take a girl out of the village but you cannot take the village out of her.😂😂😂😂

Girl I’d rather do this when I’m bored than have a washer do it. This is all I do in the village. I’ll be doing this in Dezemba 😩😭

Lmao 😂

lol hand washing clothes. Reminds me of boarding school days

ugh, fucking boarding school 😔

Sunny days in Lagos, Nigeria.The humidity here is doing me some good. - Yagazie Emezi

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Trying something different with my cartoons.

Daydream Series - by Yagazie Emezi

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