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Koforidua - The capital of the Eastern Region, Ghana 

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Nigerian swimwear brand Andreah Iyamah presents some of their pieces on actress Osas Ighodaro

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Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic


Moments from Ghana and Beyond with @africashowboy

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Africa’s relationship with photography is complicated, explains Nana Kofi Acquah (@africashowboy), a journalist and creative director-turned-photographer from Accra, Ghana. “Even though it is undeniable that African photographers saw the opportunity to fight stereotypes with their pictures, the truth was that cameras and film were extremely expensive and therefore not something to be wasted on unimportant casual moments. Today, how Ghanaians interact with photographs has changed rapidly.”

Nana’s work for businesses and non-profits takes him across Africa, and his Instagram photos reflects moments both profound and banal. “I don’t believe a photograph always needs to be dramatic, ecstatic, or tragic to pique people’s interest,” he says. “I am not afraid to photograph the mundane because I know posterity might appreciate it—and in that sense, I think like a historian. My audience is anybody who is interested to know more about Africa.”

This is so good to see

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Asker msarden Asks:
How did you maintain it tho, cos I don't see you with a lot of protective styling and I'm too lazy to do all that shit
yagazieemezi yagazieemezi Said:

I don’t lol. I really don’t maintain my hair. No patience and too cheap to buy the good products


Black Diamond" tells the story of a man’s struggle to become a father and guide his son in the right path.

This inspiration for this film, stems from Ajiri Akpolo’s, Director of Photography, experiences working with and mentoring youth in the community. 

We’ve nearly finished with the project which cost us $4,338.00. If you’d like to help us recover our funds and finish our project, please donate.

Casey Vange © 2014


Rep Your Culture  | NYFW

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New Guinea, 1970.

Photos by Irving Penn

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By Thandiwe Muriu

Asker Anonymous Asks:
you could benefit from putting a goddamnshirt on
yagazieemezi yagazieemezi Said:


okay omg i'm going to help you out here, because before you send me hate mail like this I REALLY need you to consider this:

*pulls out visor and a big ass printing calcuator*

I’m likely to respond to your shitty self hating ass message with some witty repartee — because that’s just the kind of gal I am — which will probably get me on average like what 35 notes? 

Which isn’t hella impressive, until I break it down like this: out of the 35 notes on average they’ll be what 5-10 reblogs, and from those reblogs 5 new followers — that’s in addition to the average of 20-25 new folllowers i get on this blog daily just for fucking existing — and let’s assume I posted a selfie that day? that’s at least 30 additional followers, and I’m being modest here with these numbers.  So what’s that 55-65 new followers, part of which you involuntarily helped contribute to?  At a modest — let me pull a hypothetical number here — 30% conversion rate, 17-20 of those new followers are likely to become new 000sportwear customers. At a $60 APC (Average Per Customer) rating I’m currently hitting …I will let you finish the math on that. :)

So to summarize, I’m literally getting paid off this shit. IM LITERALLY GETTING $$$$$$$$$$$ OFF THIS BLOGGING SHIT and you sending me messages about my weight or attitude or eyebrows, in which I know your intent is to hurt me, is actually helping me.

Essentially, I’ve monetized your hating and turned it into college tuition money!

So why did I post this if not just to brag? — we all know I’m not one for humility, probably part of the reason you so mad tbh — I wrote this so you can stay #woke because if you want my not so humble opinion, I think if you really want to hurt me in a way that actually matters, instead of shouting random words to my indestructible ego, (an ego which can’t even translate an insult to save its life,) I just think it probably wouldn’t be smart to be sending me so many opportunities to cash in off your self-hating ass. 

Unless of course you can figure out a way to at the very least, monetize off of your hating? Maybe start a hate blog about me? Get some Google Adsense $$ in? Sell some t-shirts? get a sponsor? Hell, I’ll even sponsor you! I support entrepreneurship! idk, these are just ideas!

These are just ideas!

Because even if you hate me, for whatever reason, I still want to see you win :) I still very much want to see you win :))))

okay I gotta go work now, I hope I opened your eyes to something bigger than me today. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day! Please stay woke!

I love my friends

Asker thelagosgirl Asks:
Have you ever relaxed your hair?
yagazieemezi yagazieemezi Said:

Hmmm there was this one time for sure when I was 10 or do but it grew out quickly


Had the pleasure of hanging out with a fellow Nigerian and an all-around awesome person Yagazie Emezi yesterday. All the photos were taken around my neighborhood

Nadine Ijewere is a photographer out of London with an amazing talent for portraiture and fashion photography. She creates  beautiful environments for her work using from floral and cultural influences. I love it all.

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Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic

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